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Blood Filtration Systems for Universal Leukocyte Depletion (ULD)

Today, ULD has become the standard of blood safety policy in many countries. Fresenius Kabi’s leukocyte depletion filters provide intelligent blood bag configurations that are convenient to use, and offer a short filtration time with minimum volume loss, high red blood cell recovery and robust filter performance.


AmiCORE Apheresis System

Simple and Smart, Designed for Donor and Operator

  • Automated addition of Platelet Additive Solution (PAS)* simplifies overall platelet procedures
  • Process leukoreduction automatically provides leukoreduced platelets without the additional step of filtration
  • Platelet post-count accuracy allows selection of target yields consistent with donor safety

* InterSol Solution is used as a storage solution for platelet concentrations. It is not for direct intravenous infusion. The InterSol Solution has no pharmacological effect.


On Our Way to Alternate Plasticizer Blood Bag Systems

In our continued mission to provide safe and efficient medical devices. Fresenius Kabi is constantly working to meet the need for alternative plasticizers for blood bag systems.

RCC in-line systems fully made without DEHP material (PVC/DINCH and PVC/BTHC) are CE mark approved and available for human use.




















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